Armada Protective Services provides your business with an array of options that scale to meet your needs.

The benefits of uniformed security officer services include:
  • • Industry-specific agents for Financial, Health Care, Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction, Technology, Commercial, Industrial, and countless others.
  • • Cost containment as a contracted partner with well-trained officers instead of the high expense, administration and limits of an in-house effort.
  • • Flexibility to adapt service requirements for special events, company growth or new objectives.
  • • Expertise in security methodology, threat management, risk assessment, and asset protection.
Armada Uniformed Security Guards & Officers

Let's tailor the right solution for your business

Armada's San Francisco Uniformed Security Guards

Armada Security's reputation is unmatched.

Armada has built its success upon the foundation of an excellent officer staff. We have been able to maintain the highest professional integrity and code of conduct from our rigid standards in screening including extensive criminal background checks and vetting procedures.

Combined with our continuous theoretical and field training; you will have access to a professional, reliable, and diligent team that prides themselves in their performance.

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