Armada Protective Services operates a fleet of marked vehicles manned by uniformed officers.

The benefits of Patrol Service include:

  • •  Customized routes per client needs.
  • •  Swift alarm response - typically five times faster than police.
  • •  Removal of false alarm costs.
  • •  Consistent property monitoring resulting in incident reduction.
  • •  Closing and opening sweeps of properties.
  • •  Randomized patrols for property spot checks.
  • •  After hours detection of maintenance emergencies or fires.
  • •  After hours alerts to unsafe conditions at properties.
  • •  High visibility deterrent to theft and vandalism.

Let's tailor the right solution for your business

Armada Security Mobile Patrol Cars

Armada Security's reputation is unmatched.

Armada has built its success upon the foundation of an excellent officer staff. We have been able to maintain the highest professional integrity and code of conduct from our rigid standards in screening including extensive criminal background checks and vetting procedures.

Combined with our continuous theoretical and field training; you will have access to a professional, reliable, and diligent team that prides themselves in their performance.

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